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Caduceus newsletter is the official publication of the Medical Division of the American Translators Association (ATA). It is published on the ATA Medical Division website ( and the ATA website (https:// In it we share book reviews, resources we find, ask questions about ethics and standards of practice, and much more. Caduceus is made for our members and by our members.

With that in mind, we would like to invite you to share your knowledge with your fellow medical translators and interpreters. We are always looking for new, interesting, and educational content for our newsletter.

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Caduceus Archives (2003-2011)

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2011: Summer I / Summer II

2010: Fall-Winter, I / Fall-Winter, II / Spring-Summer, I / Spring-Summer, II

2009: Spring 2009

2008: Fall ’08-Winter ’09 / Summer, I / Summer, II / Spring

2007: Fall ’07-Winter ’08, I / Fall ’07-Winter ’08, II / Summer, I / Summer, II / Spring

2006: Fall ’06-Winter ’07, I / Fall ’06-Winter ’07, II / Summer, I / Summer, II / Spring, I / Spring, II

2005: Fall-Winter, I / Fall-Winter, II / Summer / Spring

2004: Fall-Winter / Spring / Summer

2003: Winter ’03-’04 / Summer / Spring, April / Spring, March

Summer 2011

Highlights of the Summer 2011 Issue:

  • Administrator Patricia Thickstun gives an update on changes occurring in the Medical Division.
  • New Editor Donna Furlani explains the MD’s goal of moving Caduceus to an electronic format.
  • Yuliya Baldwin shares terminology and insights into how medical dramas, such as House, can benefit interpreters and translators.
  • Laura Espondaburu reviews the literature on communication techniques practiced by doctors when delivering bad news to see what interpreters might learn from these techniques.
  • Ann Wiles discusses the French acronym TVC in her first edition of “Ann’s Acronymsand other French-English medical conundrums”.

View/download Part 1 and Part 2 of the Summer 2011 issue.

Fall-Winter 2010

Highlights of the Fall-Winter 2010 Issue:

  • Administrator Patricia Thickstun highlights the Medical Division sessions offered at this year’s conference.
  • Lindsay Langford explains the role of genetic counselors and how it applies to interpreters.
  • Ariel Lenarduzzi discusses strategies for interpreters and providers working with older adults who have limited English proficiency.
  • Monica Guelman and Steven Becerra complete their three-part series on medical interpreting with attention to cultural competency and integrating medical interpreters into the healthcare team.
  • Book reviews of Marguerite Sechehaye’s Autobiography of a Schizophrenic Girl submitted by Maria Rosdolsky, and Beverley Henderson and Jennifer Lee Dorsey’s Medical Terminology for Dummiessubmitted by Carmen Cross.
  • Maria Rosdolsky shares a glossary of schizophrenia terminology in English and German.
  • Feedback from Leon McMorrow on Maria Rosdolsky’s article “Back Translation of Medical Documents”, which appeared in the Spring/Summer 2010 newsletter.

View/download Part 1 and Part 2 of the Fall-Winter 2010 issue.