Medical Division ListServ

Have you missed out on joining ATA’s Medical Division discussion group?

As a member of ATA’s Medical Division, you have a great opportunity to network with other medical translators and interpreters right online! Ask terminology questions, share resources, run an ethical dilemma by your peers … it’s all available to you through ATA’s Medical Division.

How to subscribe

Joining is easy. No need to make a new account. Simply send a join request to the group moderator at from the email address you want to join with. **PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR FULL NAME AND ATA MEMBERSHIP NUMBER TO SPEED UP APPROVAL.** (We verify membership and need your full name to do so.)

You can control how you receive messages: individual messages, a daily digest, or you can choose to receive no messages and just access it online.

If you have any problems, feel free to contact the listserv moderator, Mary Virginia Burke, at

Hope to see you soon online!

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