Spring 2009

Highlights of the Spring 2009 Issue:

  • Genetics Part I – a general basic introduction to the field of Human Genetics, early evolutionary thinking, the discovery of DNA and a closer look at the field
  • The Glossarium is dedicated to Genetics terminology and information sources
  • Surgical Perspectives – Robotic Surgery
  • Hematology series – Monoclonal antibodies – the Basics
  • Bits – Pieces – Facts – Figures – a little bit of everything. Headaches. Pulses. Look-alike words. Look up the excellent Brain Tutorial mentioned.
  • Bone geography – a bit of relaxing word finding
  • Pitfalls and Caveats – Remembering Darwin on his 200th anniversary and 150 years after his Origin of the Species
  • Interpreters at Work – keeping professional boundaries in a very challenging situation.

View/download the Spring 2009 issue.