Who we are

The Medical Division is the third largest ATA division with more than 2000 members from all over the U.S. and the world. We are medical translators, interpreters, or both. Some of us are doctors, nurses, and other medical clinicians. We work in many different languages and present on medical topics at ATA’s Annual Conference, where we also hold an evening networking event for the members of our division. We are glad to help each other with terminology questions through our listserv and we are interested in everything medical from clinical practice, to medical instruments and research.

Our Mission

The mission of the Medical Division is to promote cooperation and exchange of information among its members, as well as organize meetings, workshops and conference activities related to medical translation and interpreting, and publicize professional development opportunities.

The History of the Medical Division

The Medical Division was first announced at the ATA Conference in Atlanta in 2002. Dorothy Racette delivered the Board Resolution for the Medical Division’s establishment on June 17, 2003 and it was officially established on June 29, 2003. The Medical Division was initially organized by Jorge Ungo (Acting Administrator) and Martine Douge (Acting Assistant Administrator). Naomi de Moraes, Alex Rainof, Rafael Rivera, Elizabeth Gomez and Nicole Paul worked to establish the newsletter.